Intuition Tutoring Services began in 2005, helping children of all ages and levels get ahead in Mathematics and English. Today, Intuition Tutoring has 7 employees teaching more than 90 students across all SACE subjects. From Intuition Tutoring’s recently opened classroom in Woodville, Jasmin runs a scholarship program for disadvantaged year 12 students and supports over 13 primary and high schools in the local area.

Learning Areas Supported:

Primary: Maths and English

Middle School: Maths, English, Science

SACE: All subject areas

Lessons consist of both homework help and additional support for learning. Students are welcome to bring along classroom work and gain advice, mentoring and additional explanation. As well as this, tutors strive to get student an opportunity to learn new skills in advance, thus preparing them for the future in school learning.

Holiday courses provide intensive learning for those students who require additional support to catch up on missed work or those seeking to get ahead of the pack.

Lesson prices begin at $32.50 per hour for primary students, making this an affordable option for all parents.

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