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Jasmin Parasiers
Jasmin Parasiers

Jasmin is not only a tutor but the founder of Intuition Tutoring Services, and, at age 23, a fantastic mentor and role model for her students as well. Jasmin has a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in History, a Graduate Diploma in Education and Graduate Certificate in Theology and Philosophy. She has been tutoring students of all ages and skill levels for the past 8 years, including as an upper level History Tutor at Adelaide University. On top of running her own business, Jasmin is currently enrolled in a PhD and is working full time as a senior school teacher at a Catholic College.

While Jasmin’s achievements are nothing short of inspirational, she remains modest, “I just love teaching, and it’s fantastic to now see some of my students growing up and having successes of their own. My first ever student is currently studying to become a Forensic Scientist, that’s personally very rewarding for me.”

We believe in the power of youth and have a team of young, passionate individuals who have both the skills and desire to educate others. Tutors either are working on the final stages of a teaching degree, are early graduate teachers or are completing degrees in specialised fields. Working under the guidance of their Head Tutor, they assist students in their knowledge acquisition, building confidence in their ability.


Lessons consist of instructional material that allows students to learn ahead of the class, homework help, test revision and support for school learning.

Some of our experienced tutors:



As Georgia’s passions lie in the creative fields of design and photography, she has channelled her desire to work with young people into a series of fun and exciting lessons. Working within the Intuition framework, she seeks to create a sense of confidence and achievement in all her students. Relationships with her students remain central to this philosophy as she works to cater for their unique talents.



Stephanie’s love of mathematics imbues her students with a positive and energy for learning that allows them to embrace their studies. Working primarily with senior students, Stephanie combines her studies in Speech Pathology with careful instruction and an understanding of the need for diverse teaching methodologies. Utilising mnemonic techniques such as dance moves and silly puzzles injects her Year 12’s lessons with a little bit of fun and a whole lot of learning!



 As a molecular biologist in training, Alex is our science honcho. His obvious interest in the workings of the world extends further into the workings of the mind. He applies a range of strategies that allow his students to foster a deeper practical and theoretical understanding of his subjects. His continued study keeps his knowledge fresh and up to date.



In the final portion of a Primary Teaching Degree, Alex’s years of experience as a tutor allow her to confidently apply the appropriate strategies for learning in our youngest clients. Her friendly and confident manner builds strong relationship with our students, which allows them to feel confident in their lessons. Using a gentle manner and a dedicated approach, she is able to engage students as young as 5 years old in an exciting and energetic platform for learning.



Anna’s academic abilities have made her a valuable mentor to several students, both in the primary and secondary levels. She specialises in working with students who struggle in English, however, her excellent results in the past in Humanities subjects such as History have allowed her to mentor and enliven the minds of several clients.



Lyndsey puts to use her Masters in Teaching in her exceptional knowledge of teaching and learning. Working with special needs students as well as mainstream students, Lyndsey is a patient yet lively member of the team.

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